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What is Ful?

Ful is a suffix that means to be full of something.  We are a meal service that creates food to fill you with health, power, joy, and any other words that end in ”ful.”  Can we make happyful or awesomeful a word? Bottom line, we are here to prepare great food for you and your family that will meet your nutritional needs no matter what they might be.  That is why we calculate every ingredient that goes into each meal, and label every meal with its individual macronutrient content. 

All of our meals are gluten free and preservative free.  We make everything fresh for you using the best ingredients we can source.  

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, we are also into supporting a healthy planet. We strive to always use earth friendly packaging and use as little packaging as possible. Your meals will be dropped off at each location, bagged and labeled. We encourage you to reuse or recycle the bags. You are also welcome to bring your bags back to the ful. Kitchen on Macklind and we will reuse your bags for your future orders. We also plan to compost our food waste to eliminate it from going into landfills.




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All orders must be placed by Monday night for the following Friday-Monday delivery schedule, depending on what location you selected for pickups. Your meal subscription will auto renew every week, but you can pause your subscription at any time. 


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GOODBYE, FOR NOW. THANK YOU for 5 great years.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce the indefinite closure of FUL. Your upcoming order will be the last for the time being. 

Unfortunately, a personal family crisis for the past few months continues to demand my full attention and while I have been quietly trying to find someone I trust to take over, it has been difficult, and I have reached an unsustainable impasse. 

On a happier note, as some of you may also know, I also recently got engaged (lucky me!) and I have been planning a move to be with my fiancé, the timetable at which has been sped up by this personal matter.  I will be moving to San Francisco in April.

I would like to thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart for the support the last 5 years and for trusting me with your food and nutrition. It has been an absolute privilege. My hope is that this will not be permanent, and I will continue to seek a suitable candidate to continue running the business. 

Thank you and much love,


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