How do I pick my meals each week and switch meal plans?


1) Picking meals: Log in to your personal account and click "manage subscriptions".  From there you can check your orders coming up and select your meals for the following week. In the event that you forget, no worries! Each of our meals has a special tag so you'll default to the same setting from the previous week.


2) Switching meal plans: You must place a new subscription with the meal plan you want and cancel your existing one.  We apologize for the inconvenience but the platform we use only allows us to choose between upgrading/downgrading meal plans or "building your meal plan" (picking meals.  In the event you forget to cancel, we will happily refund any extra placed order!


When do I need to order by and how often will I get meals?


Each subscription cycle lasts for 1 week and will automatically renew on Fridays. If you are a new subscriber, you must place an order before Friday to meet our Monday delivery schedule.  If you are an existing subscriber, you must choose your meals before Friday to make any changes. You may log in at any time to pause/cancel your subscription.  All meals will be available for pickup from the designated locations by opening hours on Monday of every week.


Talk to me about nutrition


We are the only service that offers a truly balanced meal because every single one is nutritionally equivalent regardless of what you eat that day. We weigh and measure out the ingredients for every meal so you never have to worry about counting your macronutrients or calories ever again:


24g protein, 33g carbs, 11g fat, 320 calories.


What if I have allergies?


All our food is gluten free, dairy free, preservative free, MSG free, nut free, added sugar free, highly processed oil free, and soy free. Menu items have all the ingredients listed so if there is anything that you are allergic to, you can avoid that meal.


How does the food stay fresh?


We immediately chill all our meals once they are finished cooking. This allows us to maximize freshness and keep meals from becoming soggy or smelly! All meals will be delivered in this chilled form. Simply remove the cover and reheat for 2 minutes before eating. Meals are freezer friendly although for the best taste, we recommend consumption within a week.


How do I pause my subscription?


We’re all about convenience. Our subscription service is meant to give you the perfect middle ground between having the flexibility to pause but also not having to order all the time. Sign into your account to see where in the cycle you are and pause accordingly.


1) Log into your account using the link at the top left of the FUL homepage


2) Once logged in, look for the “Your Subscription” bubble on the left side of the page. At the bottom, click the “Edit” button.


3) From here, you can a. Choose to “Skip Next Renewal” b. Change your meal plan c. Change your location


4) Confirm by clicking “Change” at the very bottom


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