To help you recultivate a love for food and to show you how health and flavor can co-exist on one plate!

Our Story

We love to eat. We also love being mentally and physically active. For us, the two don’t have to constantly be in battle for our attention. We believe the path to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is one where you enjoy your vegetables and your cake. This passion is what drives us to wake up early, hone our knives, and put on our aprons for you.

We believe in real food. We believe health and flavor should exist on one plate. We take simple ingredients, find the best combinations in flavor and texture, and execute them to perfection. Just because your meal comes in a box doesn’t mean it has to taste like it did.

be flavorful

Meet the team

Our company is comprised of talented, highly motivated individuals who are passionate about spreading our message of health, sustainability, and love for food.  Learn a little bit about what makes us excited about what we do!

Kenneth Mao - Founder and Head Chef

Ken spent the early years of his career as a private educator. Five years ago, he moved to St. Louis to pursue an MBA at WUSTL. Armed with a decade of business and entrepreneurial experience, he founded ful. during his time at school to help people rediscover their love for food.

Ken loves sharing his passion for fitness, health, and food. When he’s not running the business, cooking in the kitchen, or interfacing with clients, Ken can be found geeking out about different culinary techniques, eating his way across the globe, and coaching and working out at Blues City Crossfit.

Andrew Karagiannis

Sous chef

Andrew has been involved in the restaurant and food industry for as long as he can remember – starting with his father’s restaurant. A jack of all trades, he’s recently joined us after a long tenure as a sous chef at 360 St. Louis and a bar back at the highly acclaimed Yellow Belly. He loves hot sauce and lifting weights in his free time, so naturally, he’s a great fit to the ful. team!

Kelly Weber

Marketing Director

Kelly is a St. Louis native, Mizzou Alum and a free-lance social media marketer + creative. She is passionate about helping small businesses and nonprofits grow. Kelly joined the ful. team in May of this year as our Marketing Director, eager to develop the ful. brand into more than just meal prep. Her mission is for ful. to become a resource to help people live their lives to the fullest (pun intended!).

Maddie String


Maddie or “String” is an alum of the journalism school at Mizzou with her roots in documentary photojournalism. Since photographing her first wedding in St. Louis, she has fallen in love with storytelling and capturing the whole ebb and flow of each important moment through her expertise in photography.

David Rygiol

Freelance Designer

David grew up in the SF Bay Area amid the growing start-up scene in the 1990's. After getting his BFA in graphic design he moved to St. Louis, where he currently lives with his wife and four kids. His greatest joy is partnering with talented, passionate people who have a dream and need a design that communicates it to the world, so naturally working with ful. is a ton of fun. In addition to running his design practice, David also co-founded a collaborative design non-profit called Type Hike and teaches design at WUSTL.


Caroline Becker

MICU Nurse, Cycle Bar instructor, Dog Mom

"Ful makes it easy to always know what I’m having for lunch and that it will also be real food. Knowing I can quickly heat up and eat a well-balanced meal at least once a day has helped me a lot."

Stephen Wallace

Owner of Blues City Athletics, Dad to Athena the Golden

"As a business owner, coach, and athlete, I am grateful for the meals from Ful. that keep me going through my work and training day. Food that tastes great and is filling – unreal!

Katelyn Kauffman

Key Leader at Lululemon

"I never knew healthy food could taste so good. Ful. introduces me to delicious new flavors and foods and I never have to worry whether it’ll be good for me or not!"

Katie Trombetta

CrossFit Games 2018 Athlete, Co-owner Profectus Performance, Myobrain Nutrition Coach

"As a gym owner, athlete, and nutrition coach, Ful meals help me create structure and balance daily. The meals are super filling, and I always look forward to them as one of the highlights of my week!"


We are a local St. Louis company dedicated to giving back to the community and fostering partnerships with like-minded individuals, companies, and initiatives. Click the logos to learn more!

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GOODBYE, FOR NOW. THANK YOU for 5 great years.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce the indefinite closure of FUL. Your upcoming order will be the last for the time being. 

Unfortunately, a personal family crisis for the past few months continues to demand my full attention and while I have been quietly trying to find someone I trust to take over, it has been difficult, and I have reached an unsustainable impasse. 

On a happier note, as some of you may also know, I also recently got engaged (lucky me!) and I have been planning a move to be with my fiancé, the timetable at which has been sped up by this personal matter.  I will be moving to San Francisco in April.

I would like to thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart for the support the last 5 years and for trusting me with your food and nutrition. It has been an absolute privilege. My hope is that this will not be permanent, and I will continue to seek a suitable candidate to continue running the business. 

Thank you and much love,


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