TeenLIFT - Life Improvement Fitness Toolkit

90+ million Americans are obese. 18 million of those are children.

And so Teen Lift was born.

Teen Lift is the first comprehensive program of its kind to work with obese teenagers and actually help them overcome all the difficulties that come with obesity: body image and confidence issues, poor health and poor nutrition, maladaptive movement patterns and difficulty completing simple physical tasks, and so forth.

The coaches work with these young adults on the ability to move well, on nutrition, and most importantly, on mindset – developing mental fortitude, self-confidence, and a “can do” attitude.

Our partnership with Teen Lift is simple. We provide free meals to each kid that shows up and puts in the work. Our founder Ken also spends 90 minutes each week talking about food and helping coach the lifting classes.

Ken: "I admit I was at first skeptical about the program because I've seen many "similar" fat camps that achieve very little in the way of re-building the mentality necessary to help these kids achieve long term success. I was blown away after my first opportunity to speak to the Teen Lift coaches, parents, and teenagers because they were absolutely committed to each other. I'm blessed to be able to share what I know and make even the slightest difference in their lives."

With your continued support of ful., we can continue to support these kids and their road to becoming formidable humans. Learn more about the program below!


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